Kurt, our principal, has Directed over 1,200 “Live” telecasts on location. From concerts for Sony records, to collegiate sports, political debates, infomercials and entertainment.  Since ’93, TV News and documentaries are a passion for Kurt. First at KHOU-TV and then moving on to The Texas Network (TXN) and Freelancing for U.S. Major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & FOX). In one aspect or another, Kurt has been involved in more than 9,000 TV news stories.

During his career, Kurt was involved in two news exchanges to train Russian and German journalists on U.S. practices. He also volunteered in many projects for human and environmental concerns. Among these, while working with Yao Ming, Kurt became involved in public service to save sharks.  The Chinese government credited these efforts with Wild Aid changing their views on harvesting sharks in unsustainable ways.

Kurt also has had a commercial career in tandem with news... Working as a DP with Reebok, McDonalds, GM, Heineken, BMW & Paramount Pictures.

Mainstream credits include: Disney, Oprah, Dr. Phil, A&E, Discovery, Warner Brothers, History Channel, King World, BBC, Super Bowls and a Paul McCartney special.